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Cat Toys To Entertain Your Kitty

Pet store dedicate entire isles of products to cat toy. It makes one wonder if it's really worth the expense to buy your kitty a toy. Although cats often seem to want to keep to themselves, they do need interaction and their instincts tell them that they must practice their hunting skills. Like all animals, each cat has its own temperament and with that its own preferences as to which toy interests them. There are many options for cat toys. Some suggestions for toys include the cat towers, stuffed mice, small amounts of catnip, stuffed animals, ribbons, and plastic balls. The track toy in the picture at the left is my cat's favorite toy.
Remember that when cats play they are really just honing their hunting skills. As a part of that a cat will grab and bit their toys. They also love to climb.  Anyone who has a kitten has at some time had to remove it from the blind or curtains as it attempted to scale the wall to get up high. A cat tower is a great way to teach your cat where it is appropriate to climb. Cat towers come in many styles. You can buy  single story or two story towers or some that rise to the ceiling. The more levels they have the more fun and enjoyment they will receive out of a cat tower. You will find your cat even likes to nap on its tower. In addition to climbing features many cat towers also have a sort of jungle gym style with hanging balls and ropes that dangle. Some even have tunnels. I have always had two cats and they spent hours as kittens chasing each other and playing their own cat version of "king of the hill".  In addition to giving your cat something to play with cat towers also provide a surface for scratching which will save your favorite chair or sofa from being using as a scratching post. 

Stuffed mice are also important to any kitty’s playtime. Most cats prefer the small leather mice with the multi-colored fur and long tails. These mice come in twelve packs or three packs, and believe me if they are anything like my kitty they will tear them apart. Many cats love to bit into them and it gives them a more authentic prey feel. Many cats also like cloth mice. Remember, each cat is an individual, you will have to test it out to find out what you cat prefers.
Catnip toys are a favorite of many cats. Catnip will cause your cat to be more playful, which can have the added advantage of  wearing your cat out faster. You can purchase catnip toys or you can buy the catnip alone and sprinkle it on toys. I've also filled a baby sock with catnip and tied it to create a cat toy. My cats play with it for hours. The only downside is that after they bite and drool on it for awhile it looks a little nasty. 

Cats like the feel of certain things in their mouths that is why they chew on paper, plastic and even your blankets. The feel of the material in their mouths allows them to clean their teeth or reduce the pain of teething as kittens. A small stuffed animal can work in much the same way and keep your cat from chewing on things that might harm them.

It's nice to give your cat some variety so purchasing a few toys is a good idea. Remember that you don't have to break the bank on cat toys, though. You can hide a few toys and reintroduce them after a few months to keep from purchasing new ones all the time. I've also found that the plastic ring from a milk jug can also provide entertainment for your cat. Just a word of caution. Although you've seen it in story books, giving cats string or yarn is not a good idea. Many cats can ingest pieces which can cause a lot of problems in their digestive tracts. It's also a good idea to have some toys that will allow you to interact with your cat. The interaction helps create a bond between you and your pet.
Providing your cat with toys will give your cat an outlet for those hunting instinct such as biting, climbing, and grabbing. If you don't provide them with acceptable  things to use to practice these skills they might find them for themselves, on your sofa, curtains, show laces, or your favorite purse. Playing also keeps a cat from getting bored which promotes good health in your kitty.



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