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Cats are loving and playful pets. They learn quickly and can be very curious about new or exciting things around the home. Although they have a reputation for being aloof they can be very affectionate pets. Over the years I have had many pet cats and can say that each one was unique and had its own personality. While some have been cuddly lap cats, others have been more independent. 
Cats are known as solitary animals but they do enjoy interacting with their owners. They often seem, however, to choose the when and the where these interactions take place.  Like other pets, each cat has its own temperament.

Adult Cat vs. Kitten

When deciding to get a cat the first thing you need to decide is whether you want an adult cat or a kitten. There are pro and cons of both.
Kittens are very cute but they are also, like all young pets, very active. They love to climb and play which can be fun but can also cause problems. Many new kitten owners quickly learn that kittens love to play with anything that moves. Remember that cats are predatory animals and movement will trigger their chase instinct. Unfortunately, their "prey" will often turn out to be their owners hands, arms, or feet which will result in scratches on their new owner. If you decide to get a kitten, be prepared for it to want to climb anything it can get its claws into, furniture, curtains, and even your pants leg. If you have young children you will need to be sure that your new kitten doesn't scratch or claw them. An adult cat is likely to have grown past this stage but will still enjoy playing with you. 
Kittens are also very curious and will crawl into anything that is open. You will need to keep an eye on your new kitten to make sure that it doesn't get shut in suitcases, bags, closets, or refrigerators. While many adult cats also outgrow this, they are still very curious animals. I have a 11 year old cat that still loves to crawl into my suitcase, purse, or school bag.
The most obvious pro to getting a kitten is that they are extremely cute. Depending on your kittens temperament, they will also love to cuddle with you. If you are looking for a pet that loves interaction then a kitten is the perfect pet. They will jump, play, and chase.
Another reason some pet owners prefer kittens is that they feel that a kitten can be trained more easily to adapt to a new home. This isn't necessarily true. When you adopt an adult cat they are often already litter box trained and have learned to respect boundaries. 
Whether you are getting a kitten or adult cat it is important to remember that each animal has its own temperament and personality. The most important thing is to get a cat that is a good fit for your home and lifestyle. If you are adopting a cat from a shelter I would encourage you to consider an adult cat. Most shelters do an excellent job of matching new pets with owners.

Necessary Cat Supplies 

If you are planning on having a cat for a pet there are some supplies that are absolutely necessary. First, you will need a litter pan and litter, food and water dishes, cat brush or comb, and cat toys.
Cats love to climb and jump so a cat tree or stand is also a great purchase. Your cat may choose to spend time alone but make sure that you spend some time playing, grooming, and just petting your cat. This will strengthen your bond with your pet and can actually help reduce their stress. 
Cats like to nap throughout the day causing pet owners to think that cats are naturally lazy. In reality, cats rest during the time when the pet owners are awake and are more active when the pet owners are resting. Cats are active during their hunting time – evenings and mornings – when their prey (probably rodents) are most active. Because of this late to bed and early to rise schedule, cat’s prefer to sleep during the day. Your cat will also find its favorite place to nap. If you don't want you cat on your bed or furniture you will need to purchase a kitty bed and find a place that your cat will like. This will probably need to be a place that is somewhat secluded but still allows that cat a view of what's happening in the home. Some cats love to crawl into things so prefer an enclosed kitty house.

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